hi! I am neeraj, aka neej. I am a nomadic cinematographer in search of my definition of home.

born in new jersey and raised in southern california, i spent much of my childhood watching movies. my parents tried to impart a bit of their world (India) onto me. As a result, I grew up watching bollywood movies and learning hindustani classical music alongside my love for the los angeles lakers and james bond capers.

over time I ventured into photography and it was only a matter of time before I moved into creating 24 images per second. chasing these interests brought me to new york university's tisch school of the arts. Here my definition of home changed again and I fell in love with the city that gave me so much to capture through my lens. I shot as many short films as possible and received NYU’s faculty commendation in cinematography in 2017.

after graduating, I worked on emmy-award winning shows such as master of none, girls, elementary, and gypsy in the g&e department. i also completed the ASC Masterclass taught by Rodrigo Prieto, A.s.c.

In the fall 2018, I shot my first feature film the sound of the wind in California. it will be out in the world super soon.

recently, I've been calling new york, mumbai and los angeles as my homes. there are stories to be shared from various corners of the world and i hope to do so through my filmmaking.

i hope that my work will allow me to travel the world, meet new people, and explore new cultures. if not on set, you will find me shooting stills somewhere off the beaten path...


influential movies

les intouchables, léon: the professional, the prestige, blood diamond, the aviator, babel, finding neverland, biutiful, skyfall, casino royale, carol, the bicycle thief, interstellar, guzaarish, snowpiercer, and rounders